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Kalkirealty helps you find a place you would love to live, a haven to call home. We will match you to a property that is just right for you, based on your pre-requisites. With an extensive selection of all types of properties in Golden Gurugram, we have options for single people, couples, new families and extended families. Browse our listings and consult with our experienced agents to shortlist your "dream" properties and leave the rest to us.

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Get detailed information on Residential, Commercial properties, Housing, and Property Investments as they enter the market.

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We offer a wide range of services within the real estate sector domain. We are a one - stop shop for all real estate needs.

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Are you looking to sell or buy property? Consult with us to find the perfect solution as per your needs.

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Renting a property as per your budget and needs has never been so easy. An extensive collection of properties in all segments await you.

Property Development

Your property looking tired or needs an overhaul? We assist you in finding the right partner for your developing your existing property

Market Analysis

We conduct rigorous market analysis to identify properties that are a good investment so that every rupee spent is safe & profitable .

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A park facing apartment? Or a room with a view? A home near a good school. Find your dream property right here.

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Meet our talented and experienced team who ensure that your dreams are turned into a reality.

What Client Say

We are very lucky to have served a wide range of clients, many of whom became our friends. Here is what they are saying about us.

  • The company has great potential for commercial projects, working superbly wonderous into different projects. People working here have a very genuine nature, the happy company- good at work, fun at work is their part. So just hands with them for a good deal personally or professionally.

  • Kalki is one of the renowned property consultants in Gurgaon. Team of professionals with the best services. They understand the choice & budget of their client and then put the deals on the platter & being true you’ll like all the options which they get in front of you. Keep up the good work!! Thank you for your services.

  • Kalki is one of the best real estate advisors you are looking for! I will use their services over and over again. They provide top-notch results, are very easy to communicate, and are very professional. Very happy, thank you very much.

  • Kalkirealty is very professional, has excellent customer care and service, honest transparent. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone. Provided excellent communication, feedback, and service from start to finish.

Latest News

Get the latest news and information pertaining to the burgeoning real estate market in Gurgaon.

img 09 Aug, 21


Is there any industry that has not been spared the long term effects of Covid - 19 pandemic? As one sees devastation, job losses, closures of companies & economy on a downward turn, one notices quite clearly that there are several repercussions.

img 11 Aug, 21


Do you have surplus funds that you wish to invest in real estate? Maybe for investment or a second home? Then this blog is for. Rental real estate refers to property purchased by a person and giving it to others to stay on rent.

img 05 Oct, 22

People Investing In Affordable Homes In Gurgaon?

Hello readers. Most of you reading this article are keen property buyers, according to my understanding. Yet, despite this, many people still wonder why they invest so much in affordable homes Gurgaon? I have the answer to this baffling question. Read below to find out.